The Digital Patient Registration Form is a HIPAA Compliant, digital form that can be accessed on any device. This helps patients signup for Clinical Trials, fill pre-appointment paperwork, etc. ahead of time, from the comfort of their home. Consents and agreements can be signed using digital signatures.

The receiver of the forms, can process, counter-sign and store the forms, as well as the data instantaneously.

Technologies Leveraged:

  • Salesforce – Service Cloud (or Health Cloud), Communities, Lightning Experience (to be released soon)
  • DocuSign ​
  • Benefits:

  • Patients can fill forms from the comfort of their homes ​​
  • More and accurate information can input my Patients
  • Signatures and counter-signatures can be digitally and in real time
  • Data can be collected in database for further processing or transferring to other systems ex: HER or EMR systems, etc.
  • Primary Care and Referring (if different from PCP) provider information can be verified in real time and insert in the documents and database

See how the tool works: Use the link to access the digital form: