Accelerated patient recruitment is a crucial aspect of clinical trials, and one effective way to achieve this is by approaching providers for referrals. By utilizing the networks of healthcare providers, such as doctors and clinics, Trial Sponsors and CROs can quickly and efficiently identify and screen potential participants. This approach not only saves time and resources, but also ensures that the patient population is well-matched to the specific trial requirements. On this webpage, we will provide an overview of our solution that shows how providers can be approached at scale for referrals, the benefits of this approach, and the steps involved in implementing it. The solution also involves digital registration for Providers and registration & eConsent processing for interested Patients.

Outreach to Providers at Scale

Outreach to providers can be done by identifying them using taxonomy codes and their proximity to clinical trial sites. By searching for providers with specific taxonomy codes, clinical trial teams can identify providers who are likely to have patients who may be eligible for a study.
Proximity to clinical trial sites is also an important factor to consider when identifying providers for outreach. By finding providers who are located near a clinical trial site, clinical trial teams can reduce the burden on patients who may be required to travel long distances to participate in a study. Additionally, providers who are located near a clinical trial site are more likely to have experience working with the site's staff and may be more familiar with the local patient population.

Clinical trial teams can use a combination of taxonomy codes and proximity to clinical trial sites to identify providers for outreach.

The illustration below lays out Aquarient’s solution for the Outreach part of the solution. We not only help set up the solutions technology stack, but also help execute the steps (run campaigns, do follow-ups, engage, etc.) if our customers do not have the necessary bandwidth or skillsets.

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Provider Registration

As an outcome of the outreach, providers may respond back with interest to participate in the clinical trial or to simply refer patients. Our solution includes an online registration process for providers who want to participate at a deeper level than simply referring patients. This registration process allows providers to easily and efficiently sign up to participate in the trial and provides clinical trial teams with detailed information about the provider's practice and patient population.

By participating at a deeper level, providers can play an active role in the clinical trial, such as helping to screen patients for eligibility, providing ongoing care for patients during the trial, and contributing to data collection and analysis. This can help to improve the quality and credibility of the trial and can lead to better outcomes for patients.

The online registration process is designed to be user-friendly and can be completed in just a few minutes. It includes fields for providers to enter information about their practice, such as their specialty, patient population, and experience with clinical trials. Providers can also upload documents such as their curriculum vitae, and can specify the type of clinical trial they would like to participate in. This information will be used to match providers with appropriate trials and ensure that they have the right qualifications to participate.

Follow this link to look at some of the screenshots and even try out our Provider Registration solution: Provider Registration Form

Success Story / Case Study: Life Sciences/Healthcare Solutions & Services

Patient Registration & eConsent Processing

Our solution uses a secure, web-based platform to collect patient information and manage the registration process. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for patients to provide the necessary information and complete the registration process.

Once patients are referred to the clinical trial, our solutions include a streamlined process for registering them. This includes collecting demographic information, answers to inclusion criteria questions, medical history information and other relevant data. It will also present the Clinical Trial Protocol and other documents. Complex signature and counter-signature processes can also be managed seamlessly and within HIPAA rules.

Platform also includes built-in validation checks to ensure that all information is complete and accurate and can automatically flag any missing or incorrect information. To ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, the platform includes robust security features such as encryption, secure access controls and automated audit trails. All patient data is stored securely and can only be accessed by authorized personnel. These features help to protect patient privacy and ensure that the registration process is conducted in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Follow this link to look at some screenshots and try out our patient registration solution: Digital Patient Registration Form .

Success Story / Case Study: Life Sciences/Healthcare Solutions & Services